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msExplorer is a Cloud based, data management and analysis platform for mass spectrometry data. msExplorer supports proteomics and metabolomics biomarker discovery programs. It can be deployed as shared solution among multiple labs, secured private solution, or as an appliance.

Our goal is to solve the most difficult challenges:

  • Instruments can produce LC/MS images up to 20GB. Proteomics workflows can require the processing of terabytes of LC/MS data using complex statistical and image processing algorithms.
    Massive Volume of Data
  • The typical blocking issues are: isolation of the target, poor quality of MS/MS, incomplete databases, posttranslational modifications, long peptide sequences, and high charge states.
    Protein Identification
  • Peak and isotope group detection on LC/MS images requires a robust image processing pipeline, which incorporates complex algorithms for image alignment, pattern recognition, noise identification and signal detection, signal de-convolution, and many others.
    LC/MS Data Complexity
  • Proteomics workflows are iterative and have many steps: loading raw data, building experiment definitions, running image processing to extract expression data, performing QC, differential analysis, and protein identification.
    Workflow Complexity